The 3rd Wind Experience!

Whether it's our freshly roasted beans delivered to your door, our to-go jugs of your favorite latte, or you have stopped in to enjoy one of our coffee bar locations, our mission is to give you the coffee experience that you DESERVE! A simply great experience from the first SIP to the last BITE!

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  • Freshness Matters!

    We wanted to simplify a great coffee experience! That starts with great coffee! Our roast master roasts all of our coffee in house to ensure you are experiencing what truly fresh coffee tastes like!

    We also make our own sandwich buns and biscuits to make sure the experience you are getting is simply amazing from first sip to the last bite!

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  • Coffee for YOU & YOUR LIFE!

    Sure, we could tell you the flavor notes and how we roasted it or brewed it! But we didn't build this to tell you how great our coffee is! We built this to make sure you had the greatest coffee to fuel YOUR life! Whether you need a bag of coffee for your morning cup at home, a to-go jug of your favorite latte to take with you to work, or you want to tell life to hold on a minute and enjoy yourself at one of our coffee bar locations! We got you! Always! From first sip to last bite no matter where that is!

  • Happiness Guarantee

    We believe your daily coffee should be an investment into your day! Like any good investment, you should get a return on that investment! Well, here at 3rd Wind Coffee that return is in happiness, caffeination, and being prepared for whatever life brews up for you! We guarantee that a 3rd Wind Coffee Experience will leave feeling happier and more prepared to take on the day!

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